-Contestants must reside in the Evansville, IN, area 
-Contestants will compete in the age division that they fall into effective May 1, 2012.
-The Miss Evansville Pageant stresses the importance of fair play and the Golden Rule. Therefore, any unsportsmanlike conduct of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes the contestant, parents or guardians, or any guest of the contestant. All decisions are final. If any problems arise, the contestant will be immediately disqualified, and will no longer be eligible to participate in any Miss Evansville  Pageant system in the future.
-Score sheets will not be handed out after the pageant.
-Contestants must be of good moral character. Contestants must be single, never have been married, and never have had children. Contestant also agrees that she has never had any pictures taken of her that might reflect badly on her or the title of Miss Evansville pageants. (this includes nudity, partial nudity, implied nudity, sexual misconduct, underage drinking, drugs, etc.)
-The Miss Evansville  pageant titles are a COMMITMENT. A schedule of appearances throughout the year will be given to winners. Titleholders are EXPECTED to attend all the required appearances. Optional appearances throughout the year will be scheduled. A titleholder cannot miss more than two required appearances or her title and prizes will be removed and returned to the pageant in the condition rewarded to her. All appearances not scheduled by the Miss Evansville Pageant must be approved by the director, Theresa Catanese.
-Winners of the Miss Evansville Pageant agree that they will compete in the Indiana Earth Pageant in their age division in April 2013.
-A titleholder may compete in other pageant systems throughout her reign, but is expected to give their time and energy to this title first. This includes participation in parades, appearances, etc.
-The newly crowned queens will be expected to sign a contract stating she and/or her parents understand the above requirements of a newly crowned queen.

Age divisions:
6-9 yrs. - Little Miss Evansville Earth
10-14 yrs. - Pre Teen Miss Evansville Earth
15 - 18 yrs. - Teen Miss Evansville Earth
19 - 26 yrs. - Miss Evansville Earth

One on One Interview (50% of score) - This competition consists of a five minute one on one interview with judges. Contestants are to wear what would be worn in a professional job interview.
Interviews will begin at 1:00 pm SHARP, beginning with the Little Miss Division.
2:00 pm - Pre Teen Miss Division
3:00 pm - Teen Miss Division
4:00 pm - Miss Division
(these times may go longer depending on the number of contestants)
Evening Gown (50% of score)- This competition is based on poise, gracefulness, and personality. Each contestant will model her evening gown and introduce herself on stage. She will then be asked a brief question from the contestant's application.
The Evening Gown competion, along with crowning will begin at 6:00 pm SHARP.

Beauty competition - $150 (mandatory) Teen and Miss Only
                                    $85 (mandatory) Little Miss and Jr. Teen Only

**There will be a $3 per person ticket charge at the door for adults 10 and over. (contestants will enter for free)
Questions? Free to contact Theresa at 812-454-0989, or theresa@ctayloragency.com
Register On line!

(Prizes updated regularly)

-Custom Crown
-Custom Embroidered Sash
-Rhinestone Crown Sash Pin
-Entry Fees Paid to the Indiana Earth Pageant
-Official Headshot compliments of Sprazzo Studio
-Fashion shoot compliments of Sprazzo Studio
-High Gloss Autograph cards
-Gift Certificate compliments of Paparrazi Glamour and Gowns
-Gift basket of beauty items
-Year of Appearance Opportunities
-Representation by The C. Taylor Agency
-Opportunity to compete at the Indiana Earth Pageant

***more to come